Management Model

Non-refundable external cooperation

Project Impact

  • To preserve genetic diversity, the sustainable use of biodiversity; and the fair and equitable sharing of benefits
  • To safeguard native species that can be used to determine and isolate bioactive compounds for biotechnology applications
  • To create a Center for Research and Conservation of Genetic Resources that shelters the biodiversity of Ecuador

Benefits for the investor

  • To be part of a leading example on biodiversity in Ecuador
  • Access to the Genetic Resources of Ecuador for research and bioprospecting purposes
  • Preference for extraction and marketing, if active compounds are identified from the genetic resources
  • Brand recognition
  • Publicity in biodiversity events worldwide where Ecuador participates
  • Cooperation agreements for research purposes


To have access to the genetic resources of the Ecuadorian State through the creation and implementation of the National Bank of Genetic Resources and the National Database of Biodiversity, guaranteeing its conservation for promising studies in the field of biotechnology.

Project Details

To protect Ecuador’s genetic resources and to act as a reference of information on biodiversity, in order to have access to the diverse species of the country.
To develop new projects in the Research Center with taxonomic, phylogenetic, molecular, and microbiological purposes that allow the identification of new species for science; and their usefulness in the field of biotechnology.

Technical description of the Project

  • Design and construction of the National Bank of Genetic Resources
  • Development of regulations and protocols in order to maintain the genetic material in the National Bank
  • Protocols for the conservation of genetic material
  • Categorization and preservation of natural resources
  • Digitization of database as the main reference for information issued in the different collections, which acts as the main source for the use of information on biodiversity at the national level
  • Custody and maintenance of genetic resources for its conservation and propagation
  • Use of genetic resources in the research center for biotechnological purposes and generation of bioproducts


  • The benefits will be for national and international researchers, through regulated access of the genetic resources stored in the Bank of Life
  • Pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and energy companies will be able to use these resources for their research interests. The State will promote public policy for the use of renewable resources, and therefore contribute to the change of the productive matrix

Regulatory Framework

  • The Social Economy of Knowledge, Creativity and Innovation Organic Code- INGENIOS
  • NBSAP National Biodiversity Strategy 2015-2030


Province: Imbabura, Urcuquí