Management Model

Bioprospecting of genetic resources for commercial purposes

Project Impact

To identify and isolate active principles of biological resources for their use in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, energy and environmental industries.


Benefits for the investor

• Access to Ecuadorian Genetic Resources for research and bioprospecting purposes

• Extraction and marketing benefits in the case of identifying active principles from the bioprospecting of genetic resources

• Priority for the commercialization of active ingredients, in cases where they are isolated by the parties


To investigate, extract and isolate active principles of Ecuadorian biological resources through sustainable access to bioprospecting for a bio-based economy.

Project Details

Access to genetic resources for prospecting active compounds for the extraction, characterization and identification of species and metabolites with commercial interest in pharmaceutical, cosmetological, nutraceutical, energy and environmental industries. In this case, the donor will have priority for the worldwide commercialization of the metabolite; as well as recognition and participation in the research process.

Technical description of the Project

  • To isolate organisms from different substrates and ecosystems to obtain active compounds, and to discover their usefulness in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological fields
  • To identify biological resources at the molecular level; which allows for taxonomic and phylogenetic studies, as well as the possible description of new species for science
  • The use of Microorganisms may be widely implemented in environmental bioremediation
  • Organic product production with high commercial value for its endemism and exotic flavor
  • Use of climatic conditions to generate new energy alternatives


  • Industrial sector and research institutes
  • Innovation of new natural products with high added value in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and cosmetology industries
  • Generation of new energy alternatives

Regulatory Framework

  • Organic Code on the Environment
  • The Social Economy of Knowledge, Creativity and Innovation Organic Code- INGENIOS
  • NBSAP National Biodiversity Strategy 2015-2030
  • Constitutional Resolution 905
  • Commission of the Andean Community: decision 391


At national level.