• Touristic area: 1.8 MM USD
  • Crops area: 1.2 MM USD

Financial Indicators

  • Tourists: 360 (biannual); 720 (annual)
  • Of domestic origin: 90%
  • Of international origin: 10%
  • Average age of visitors: 35 years
  • Average tourist expenditure: 50 USD
  • Competitors average price: 25 USD

Management Model

Total sale of the share package.

Benefits for the investor

Through the signing of an investment agreement with the Ecuadorian government, recorded as a public deed, reception of benefits is guaranteed.

  • Stability regarding tax incentives for up to 15 years, renewable once (maximum validity of 30 years)
  • The company may request total or partial reduction of duties for any capital goods imported
  • Exemption of foreign exchange taxes on financing operations
  • Established conflict resolution mechanisms

* Note: Benefits apply when the current infrastructure is remodeled or expanded.

Property Information

Total: 140 ha

  • Infrastructure: 7 ha (tourism)
  • Cocoa: 50 ha
  • Teak: 80 ha

Project Details

  • This is the only project in the influence area of the Cocoa Route in Ecuador; there is no current infrastructure in the area for tourists interested in agro-tourism, cocoa and bird watching. Very close to the natural wetland
  • Locate in Abras de Mantequilla (Sanctuary for local birds and animals)
  • This hotel focuses on agro-tourism; the basis for its activities is visitor contact with nature and local animals
  • The main plantations that tourists visit are cocoa, banana, teak – short cycle crops. The birds in the natural wetland are among the main animal attractions

Technical description of the Project

Facilities include:

Rooms: 28 with full amenities

  • TV
  • Air conditioning
  • Mini bar
  • Fans

Capacity: 90 people

Pool, children’s pool, slide, bar, jacuzzi, restaurant, hammocks, game room

Accessibility and Utilities

  • Accessibility: Guayaquil – Babahoyo – Vinces – Antonio Sotomayor road in perfect condition
  • Utilities: water, electricity, telephone

Regulatory Framework

Organic Code of Production, Trade and Investments.


  • Province: Guayas
  • Canton: Vinces
    (15 minutes from Vinces)
    (30 minutes from the Wetland Abras de Mantequilla)
    (1:40 minutes from Guayaquil)