• Hotel Santa Cruz: 7.5 MM USD
  • Hotel Isabela: 6.0 MM USD
  • Casa Floreana: 1.5 MM USD

Financial Indicators

IRR: 23.74%

Recovery Time: 7 years

Management Model

Total sale of the share package.

Benefits for the investor

Through the signing of an investment agreement with the Ecuadorian government, recorded as a public deed, reception of benefits are guaranteed.

  • Stability on tax incentives up to 15 years, renewable once (maximum validity of 30 years)
  • The company may request total or partial reduction of duties for any capital goods imported
  • Exemption of foreign exchange taxes on financing operations
  • Establishes conflict resolution mechanisms

* Note: Benefits apply when the current infrastructure is remodeled or expanded.


  • # tourists: 220,000
  • % domestic tourists: 31%
  • % international tourists: 69% (32% USA and Canada, 17% Europe and 20% others)
  • Hotel occupancy: 65.35%
  • Average rate: 433.62 USD
  • Revpar: 283.36 USD

Property Information

Size of lot:

  • Hotel Santa Cruz: 156 ha
  • Hotel Isabela: 1,042 m2
  • Casa Floreana: 500 m2

Size of construction:

  • Hotel Santa Cruz: 4,734 m2
  • Hotel Isabela: 1,842 m2 in 2 floors and a terrace
  • Casa Floreana: 352 m2 in 2 plants

Project Details

  • Hotel in Santa Cruz: sale of 100% of share package
  • Hotel in Isabela: sale of 100% of share package
  • Casa Floreana: total property sale and luxury sailboat

Brings together the best of the flora and fauna of each island, including marine animals, exotic birds, volcanoes, farmlands, sailboat routes and hiking in one of the most recognized natural reserves. The infrastructure includes direct private access to the beaches.

Technical description of the Project

Galápagos Grand Journey (GGJ)

This is the greatest inter-island tourist investment opportunity to-date in Galápagos; it comprises the best hotel o er in the islands Santa Cruz, Isabela and Floreana. All operations are underway; the hotel has its own infrastructure and operate within the current tourist and environmental regulations.

Santa Cruz: (Four-star hotel) 

  • 21 Luxury rooms
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Restaurant
  • Business Center
  • Agricultural crops
  • Two lava tunnels
  • Agreement with the Beachfront Hotel (Five-stars) has 7 rooms in 3 floors, pool, ocean view grill and bar, in the scenic seawall of Puerto Ayora

Isabela: (Five-star hotel)

  • 14 rooms
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Jacuzzi
  • Restaurant
  • Direct beach front-type access to the sea in the zone near Puerto Villamil iguana crossing

Floreana: luxury 2-floor house with a total 352m2 in a 500m2 lot, with direct beach front access, 12/7 hotel services. Includes a luxury sailboat for 8 passengers.

Includes a tour operator license to create tourist packages to and in all the archipelago islands. The activities include routes in the private yacht, hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, guided tours of agricultural farms, volcanoes, interpreting centers and breeding centers.

Accessibility and Utilities

  • Hotel Santa Cruz: primary road in the route from the Baltra Airport to Puerto Ayora, 30 minutes from the airport
  • Hotel Isabela: sceanic seawall of Puerto Villamil, 3 minutes car ride from the pier
  • Casa Floreana: secondary road connecting with Puerto Velasco Ibarra (walking distance)

Regulatory Framework

Organic Code of Production, Trade and Investments


  • Province: Galápagos Islands
  • Canton: Santa Cruz – Isabela – Floreana