Management Model

Total sale of the hotel project which is currently under construction.

Benefits for the investor

Through the signing of an investment agreement with the Ecuadorian government, recorded as a public deed, reception of benefits are guaranteed.

  • Stability regarding tax incentives for up to 15 years, renewable once (maximum validity of 30 years)
  • The company may request total or partial reduction of duties for any capital goods imported
  • Exemption of foreign exchange taxes on financing operations
  • Established conflict resolution mechanisms

* Note: Benefits apply when the current infrastructure is remodeled or expanded.


  • # domestic tourists: 2,751,056
  • # international tourists: 658,551
  • Luxury hotel occupancy: 66.78%
  • First hotel occupancy: 43.07%
  • Luxury average rate: 86.42 USD
  • Luxury average rate: 60.21 USD
  • Revpar luxury: 57.7 USD
  • First Revpar: 25.9 USD

Property Information

Total: 8,333 m2

Project Details

The property is located in the zone of Playas, which is a tourist paradise for its welcoming landscape and natural beauty, so it is considered one of Ecuador’s attractive destinations, with wonderful weather and close to all other cities; this makes it a destination frequented by tourists.

Technical description of the Project

Hotel infrastructure under construction with the following distribution:

  • Social and recreational area with two pools (children and adults) adjecent to the beach, restrooms and dressing rooms
  • The hotel building is comprised of a ground floor, six upper floors with rooms, an open terrace and a basement

Accessibility and Utilities

  • Accessibility: the main access road is a primary street
  • Utilities: water, electricity, telephone, internet coverage

Regulatory Framework

Organic Code of Production, Trade and Investments.


  • Province: Guayas
  • Canton: Villamil Playas