Management Model

Type of Investment:

  • Cooperation – social responsibility
  • Location promotion

Benefits of the Project:

  • Four hundred eighteen thousand (418,000) potential users
  • National and international recognition to the cooperating agent for the contribution of strengthening the tourism sector and developing the project


To create accessible beaches within protected areas for people with special needs. Promote a culture of accessibility and equality in society.

Project Details

  • Provide an accessibility option for people with special needs, in a beach (pilot plan) within protected areas, fostering local production, with domestic products at a low-cost
  • Basic wheelchair design for the beach, as well as amphibious crutches, surf board, walkways, etc.

Technical description of the Project

  • Infrastructure drawings and designs
  • Equipment models and designs
  • Visitor log
  • Dissemination and communication plans
  • Signage plan


  • Tourism sector
  • Domestic production of goods and inputs
  • Sustainable infrastructure
  • Population with special needs: 418.000

Regulatory Framework

  • Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador
  • Organic Code of Territorial Organization, Autonomy and Decentralization, COOTAD
  • Organic Code of the Environment
  • Organic Law on Disabilities, Articles: 3, 4, 42, 43, 44, 58, 59, 63
  • Special Rules of Tourism in natural protected areas


Coastal Marine Reserve Puntilla de Santa Elena or Los Frailes Beach Machalilla National Park.