• Shareholders contribution: 3 MM USD
    • Anticipated investment
      1.35 MM USD (45% shares of the company Kicker Rock S.A.)
  • Loan: 7.35 MM USD (10 years and 6 months of grace period, 8% approx. interest)

Financial Indicators

IRR: 23.74%

Recovery Time: 7 years

Management Model

Sale of the share package (up to 45% of the shares).

Benefits for the investor

Through the signing of an investment agreement with the Ecuadorian government, recorded as a public deed, reception of benefits are guaranteed.

  • Stability on tax incentives up to 15 years, renewable once (maximum validity of 30 years)
  • The company may request total or partial reduction of duties for any capital goods imported
  • Exemption of foreign exchange taxes on financing operations
  • Establishes conflict resolution mechanisms


  • # tourists: 225,000 (annual)
    – Domestic %: 10%
    – International %: 90% (70% USA, 20% Europe)
  • Average tourist age: 45 years
  • Tourist expenditure: 2,000 USD

Property Information

Size of lot: 2,255 m2

Project Details

Construction of an Ecological Hotel in the area of Playa Man, Isla de San Cristóbal, only 5 minutes from the San Cristóbal airport, five-star category, with 32 rooms.

Technical description of the Project

Estimated construction time between 18 and 24 months. The project has the following design:

  • Underground level: spa, backyard, areas for hotel staff, laundry area, specialized 7-meter deep pool for diving classes, machine room, event lounge
  • Ground floor: reception area, kitchen, storefronts, pool, restaurant
  • First elevated floor: 6 rooms, lounge, administrative offices
  • Second elevated floor: 12 rooms
  • Third elevated floor: 14 rooms
  • Covered floor: bar on terrace, Lounge

Accessibility and Utilities

Accessibility: the project is located only 70 meters from the closest beach.


Competitors average price

  • Suites: 460 USD per night
  • Ocean view rooms: 380 USD
  • Rooms with balcony: 330 USD
  • Standard rooms: 280 USD

(Prices do not include taxes and 10% service)

Regulatory Framework

Organic Code of Production, Trade and Investments.


  • Province: Galápagos
  • Canton: Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, Av. Alsacio Northia, Playa Man