Management Model

Type of Investment:

  • Non-reimbursable cooperation
  • Environmental responsibility

Benefits of the project:

  • Establish the surface of the coral reefs and communities that are protected and generate a protection proposal
  • Establish new species for conservation. To assess social impacts and effects
  • Establish the list of species with trade value
  • Public acknowledgment and image of corporate social responsibility associated to the project


Establish the current condition of health status of the coral reefs and communities and implement a monitoring program to allow follow-up over time of the environmental status of these ecosystems, with the ability to detect real or potential environmental risk events.

Project Details

Currently there is a global concern for the loss of marine biodiversity and reduction of fishing resources worldwide; this project seeks to promote the conservation of this fragile ecosystem, generating relevant information for the implementation of pertinent management measures.

Technical description of the Project

  • Official maps of corral reefs and communities
  • Socio-economic information linked to this ecosystem
  • List of entities associated to a mangrove with commercial interest
  • Parameters and characterization of environmental indicators
  • Threat categorization and analysis
  • Biodiversity management and monitoring program


  • Tour operators, diving operators
  • Artisan fishermen
  • Scientific research centers: universities and institutes

Regulatory Framework

  • Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador
  • Organic Environmental Code
  • National strategy on biodiversity
  • Ministerial Agreement # 067 Protection and conservation measures of Ecuadorian coral cliffs and communities

Enviromental Responsability

  • Public acknowledgment and image of corporate social responsibility for supporting protected areas (in regards to the type and length of support)
  • Co-Branding
  • Creation of new technologies


Ecuadorian maritime territory, marine-coastal strip: Manabí, Santa Elena, Guayas and El Oro.