Between 240 MM - 398 MM USD

Financial Indicators

IRR: 15%

Management Model

  • Concession (Payment rate)
  • Contract for the use of terminal capacity


Operate the current infrastructure, and develop new infrastructure for transportation and storage of clean products at the Monteverde Sea Terminal, to supply the demand for LPG imports and clean products from the southern region.

Project Details

The terminal consist in unloading docks, storage tanks, a pumping station and dispatch to the Chorrillos gas pipeline and an island for discharge truck tanks. The northern dock has a capacity to receive ships up to 75,000 DWT and the Southern dock with capacity to receive ships up to 30,000 DWT. The storage capacity of LPG is 48,400 MT.

Technical description of the Project

Operation of the Monteverde Terminal for the import of LPG:

  • Import and operation of private company
  • Purchase PetroEcuador

Development of new infrastructure: 

  • Import of clean products and LPG for the southern region
  • Construction of loading arms
  • Receptacle tank for pumping station and loading arms; and connection to the south terminal dock
  • Transformation of the gas pipeline into multipurpose pipeline, adjustments to the Chorrillos terminal for operations with clean products
  • Construction of two tanks of 35,000 MT each for the storage of diesel, two tanks of 28,500 MT each for storage of High-Octane Naphta and two tanks of 5.5 Kbbl each for Slop oil storage
  • Investment in new multipurpose pipeline: Monteverde – La Libertad; Monteverde – Pascuales


16 million ecuadorians

Regulatory Framework

Organic Law on Incentives for Public-Private Partnerships and Foreign Investment


  • Province: Santa Elena
  • Canton: Santa Elena
  • Area: Monteverde