Management Model

Total sale of the property.

Benefits for the investor

The benefits must be directly registered in the Internal Revenue Service (SRI) at the time of filing a tax return.

  • Five-year exemption for new investments
  • Reduction of 10% Income Tax in the reinvestment of profits to acquire new productive assets
  • Double tax deduction for depreciation costs of productive fixed assets for five (5) years

* Note: Benefits apply when the current infrastructure is remodeled or expanded.


  • # domestic tourists: 416,293
  • # international tourists: 272,292
  • Hotel occupancy: 51.08%
  • Average tourist expenditure: 84.31 USD
  • Revpar: 43.10 USD

Property Information

  • Size of lot: 1,367.89 m2
  • Construction area: 1,900 m2

Project Details

Implementation of a 5-star hotel in the commercial zone Av. Remigio Crespo, with existing banking services, food and beverages, and entertainment options.

Technical description of the Project

Current infrastructure: it has 15 rooms.

Accessibility and Utilities

  • Accessibility: the main access road is a primary street
  • Utilities: water, electricity, telephone, internet coverage

Regulatory Framework

Organic Code of Production, Trade and Investments.


  • Province: Azuay
  • Canton: Cuenca