Management Model

Type of Investment:

  • Non-reimbusable cooperation
  • Environmental responsibility

Benefits of the Project:

  • 5 protected turtle species in Ecuador
  • Establish the surface of the beaches used for nesting, reproduction and feeding sea turtles
  • Public acknowledgment and image of corporate social responsibility associated to this project
  • Emblematic species of the protected marine coastal areas


Execute the necessary actions to ensure the study, protection and conservation of sea turtles.

Project Details

This project proposal is enshrined in the national plan to join efforts in managing the conservation of these species. The main components of the project are focused on the protection of nesting, reproduction and feeding areas for sea turtles and environmental education to raise awareness of the importance of these species and the threats they face.

Technical description of the Project

  • Protocol for the protection of nesting beaches
  • Inventory of nesting beaches
  • Mapping
  • Action plans
  • Local standards and regulations for turtle conservation
  • Proposals of local sustainable tourism


Tourism operators of the area which may develop sustainable tourist packages to visit nesting beaches; hotels; research: universities and institutes.

Regulatory Framework

  • Organic Code of Territorial Organization, Autonomy and Decentralization COOTAD
  • Organic Environmental Code
  • National strategy on biodiversity
  • Sustainable Development Goal 14-CDB – United Nations

Enviromental Responsability

  • Public acknowledgement and image of corporate social responsibility for supporting protected areas (in regards to
    the type and length of support)
  • Co-Branding
  • Creation of new technologies


Turtles nesting zones: Esmeraldas, Manabí, Guayas, Santa Elena and El Oro provinces.